August 2000 in the Tatra

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  Polish version - wersja polska

Version with mini photos

This year, in Tatra mountains, we don't climb high peaks, but rather stuck to the valleys enjoying the beauty of swift flowing streams and watching the sunlight playing in the trees.

Ko¶cieliska Valley

71-09Kosc.jpg   71-10Kosc.jpg

Lodowe ¬ródło (= Icy spring)
The water realy cold, even in the hot of the day.
First I take your picture, than you mine.


71-11Kosc.jpg Pisana Hala
Looking at the water down below.


"Pawlikowski's Window" in the Mylna Cave.
How bright it is outside!



71-15Kosc.jpg 71-16Kosc.jpg

"Zbójnicka" shrine
It's time to give our legs a rest!



Valley of G±sienicowe Lakes


"Small is beautiful"
- this words give justice to this diminutive pond.

How beautiful is this little brook!


It seems we wont't be climbing the Karb pass -
I prefer to gorge myself on blueberries at last.

We were here two years ago, at the very summit.



Jaworzynka Miętusia

71-24Kosc.jpg71-25Kosc.jpg Beautiful is Giewont!
Beautiful are Czerwone Wierchy! (= Red Peaks)
They would be most beautiful if watched from the nearby culmination.
But TPN rerouted the trail to go around it.


Ku Dziurze


Where am I?
What am I doing?
What I am holding is not a microphone but a torch,
and I am not on a stage but in the deep recesse of "Dziura" (= The Hole) Cave.
The white spot above my head is not a butterfiy but the distant opening of the cave.

I can take big steps too, as long as going downhill.


How beautiful is the water flawing down this rock!

Lejowa Valley

71-32Kosc.jpg   71-33Kosc.jpg

On Kominiarski Przyslop pass


Once upon a time, flocks of sheep would graze here,
fires would burn in shepherds' chalets,
the shepherds' elder would offer a drink of shhep's whey.
Today everything is empty, quiet, one feels nostalgia for the past.

Montains, stream, forest - and I will be doing a cross-word. 71-35Kosc.jpg

Roztoki Witowskie

  At this spot the Kirowa Woda stream and Siwa Woda stream unite into Czarny Dunajec.

The heat was so intense that we took a full dip
wetting our heads in icy water

I dug a ditch, the water broke through
and the new island was formed.


Gron Clearing


72-07Kosc.jpg 72-06Kosc.jpg

The grass is still harvested for hay here, the hay stacked in stacks...


... the same as twenty years ago

72-13Kosc.jpg Rapid water goes down...
What a dilightful splash! 72-12Kosc.jpg

Staszelówka Clearing

  The vista of the mountains
The same stick in different hands:
old and young.



Farewell mountains, farewell The Clearings.

72-19Kosc.jpg Another few years and old homes will be the matter of the past.
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