August'98 in the Tatra

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In August'98 we spent few weeks in Ko¶cielisko village facing the Tatra mountains.
We walked, attended the Tatra Autumn Festival, met old friends.

Our lodging at Ko¶cielisko

Such Windows'98 we can accept (to the west)

Such Windows'98 we can accept (to the south)

Near walks :

Wayside shrine, Mietłówka clearing - a lot of raspberries and bilberries

Forest between Leja's Valley and Chochołowska Valley

In the same forest

Visiting the Cracow Gorge

Excursion to Czerwone Wierchy (=the Red Peaks):

- Uff, I'm tired of climbing here. That peak - it's Giewont. We are higher, aren't we?

- Małoł±czniak (= Peak above the Small Meadow) My first summit above 2000 m. What a sight!

On the summit of Krzesanica

Hala G±sienicowa (=G±sienicowa Coomb)

Now we may start to go fast!

But to leave such amount of bilberries? What a pity!

Skupniów Upłaz (=Skupien's Terrace). - How quickly we'll be down? Sooner than what the guide says?

¦winica - Zawrat

August morning can be very cold in the mountains!

- Fall down here, could it be mortal?

- There's nothing like chains! I adore such routes!

- But I forgot my gloves, how could I?!

- At last on the summit of ¦winica!

- Oh, I can show you, where it is!

- Rest on the Zawrat Pass.

- This snow never will melt, will it?

Farewell to our host and his son:

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